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World Helicopter Day is a great opportunity for you, the helicopter operator or helicopter company owner to leverage off and get exposure in your local media and community. Most of the public never get the opportunity to see a helicopter up close yet a great many people are fascinated by them and could be potential clients or students. By holding an Open Day on 20 Aug 2017 you have an event ready made to showcase the work that you do, the machines you fly and the jobs and economic benefit you bring to your community. You might just set someone on the path to a career in aviation too – how many of us caught the flying bug at a similar event. Time to pay that forward.

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If you are holding an event then pass the details through and we’ll be able to list your details here on the global site. To make things easier please stick to the following bullet points/structure:
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  • * Date/Time
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Organiser Resources and Downloads

Get more media coverage and run a successful open day
Press Release Template
Download this pre-written World Helicopter Day press release template, edit for your open day details and submit to your local media outlets. Maximise your local exposure from the day.
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Open Day Resources
Much of the work of organizing your open day has been done for you. Download these resources and set yourself up for a successful open day.
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