August 17, 2016

(2016) South Africa, Johannesburg – Henley Air

21 Aug 2016

Henley Air
Hangar 6 Rand Airport Germiston Johannesburg.
South Africa

Tel +27 (0)11 827 5503


Sunday 21st August – All Day

The Henley Air Bell 222Ut Aerial Display Henley Air will be part of the Annual Rand Airport Airshow (

Henley Air, based at Rand Airport, is a specialist helicopter family-owned operation known for their impressive helicopter static and flying displays on the airshow circuit. Henley Air knows how to deliver jaw-dropping performances every time they take to the skies.

We also have live webcams setup from the hangar so take a look at what we are up to.

We would love to talk helicopters on the day and answer any questions that you have about their capabilities or what is involved in flying or maintenance careers in the helicopter industry. Keep an eye out for us in the airshow program and tag any of your photos with #worldhelicopterday so we can share them.